Understanding the Basics of Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting, also called Body Contouring helps to remove excess body fats through surgical and non-surgical procedures. In the body, fat-containing pockets form over time. Removal of these pockets from the body helps the patient to lose weight. Body Sculpting is an easy way to remove some stubborn fat.

Exercise and dieting are also great ways to lose fat but they do not guarantee a fit looking figure. Combining body sculpting with healthy eating and regular exercise is a great way to see results faster. Body Sculpting is done on several parts of the body using a variety of machine heads. These parts include Abdomen, Back, Thighs, Chin, Arms and even Buttocks and Breasts.

What is surgical body sculpting?

This is typically a specialized surgeon’s job involving lifts or tucks, and in some cases, liposuction is too usually done under general anesthesia. The surgeons surgically remove pockets of undesirable fat as well as excess skin. They remove fat involving multiple incisions to achieve targets in any area while replacing it with healthy tissue as required. Not only the fat is removed, but the surgeons also tighten the skin in surrounding areas for attending to weight loss and they know the skin also needs to be tightened for preventing loose and lousy skin because of weight loss.

Non-surgical ways for body sculpting

In the case of non-surgical body sculpting, there are a few different procedures. Since this treatment is not invasive, it does not require using anaesthesia or even going for some proper hospital procedures. These are simply fat reduction methods targeting cutaneous fat in an area. This though does not bring the same dramatic results that liposuction brings. Thus, multiple sessions are required for achieving the desired loss of fat. The major plus to non-surgical procedures is having a decreased risk and fewer adverse reactions.

The options while opting for a non-surgical procedure for non-invasive body sculpting include:


is the procedure taking benefit of the reality that the fat cells have a higher freezing temperature compared to the surrounding tissues. This way, A cupped device is applied to the patient’s treatment area that lowers the area temperature to a freezing point destroying fat cells whereas the surrounding cells within the targeted area remain all safe. This technique is approved by FDA helping to reduce fats in the abdomen, hips, around the chin, and patient’s buttocks by as much as 25%. This procedure is safe taking an hour or even less causing a little discomfort to the patient except simply feeling cold temperature. Results are visible within a month whereas the final result may be achieved as soon as 90 days.

Laser treatment

uses a laser to smartly apply heat to the targeted fat cells allowing their breakdown. This, again, is an FDA-approved treatment to reduce fat in the abdomen as well as the flank, but it can be useful in other body areas too. This treatment is altogether painless, this gives a sort of warm sensation in the targeted area. This procedure is fast and quick taking around 30 minutes to complete. Its results, however, are visible within six weeks whereas the final results may be seen within 90 days.

Injection Lipolysis

involves only the injection using deoxycholic acid injected into the fat pockets in the patient’s body for killing fat cells in the target area. Deoxycholic acid is a sort of acid that occurs naturally and is found in the bile of the human body. Its cytotoxic properties enable to break down the fat cells. Its main activity is destroying and absorbing dietary fats. Deoxycholic acid as used in this injection lipolysis process, in general, is obtained from plants.

Since this is naturally found in the human body, it is, therefore, considered as being safe having very few side effects. As we inject deoxycholic acid into the patient’s fat pockets, it causes the breaking down of these fat pockets resulting in loss of fat in the target area. Thus, the broken-down fat cells start absorbing into the body and therefore, are eliminated as waste. This way the patient does not need a recovery period after the treatment.

Red Light Therapy

FDA has lately approved “Red Light Therapy” for body contouring. This involves the use of a special lamp emitting specific wavelengths of red light passing through the skin. This light causes fat cells to open while some of their contents are released. This helps fat cells to shrink down leading to fat loss in the target area. This procedure is especially suitable for losing fat in the human thigh, hips and abdomen. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and the results can be felt within the first three treatment sessions. There are no known side effects or even discomfort feeling by the patient. This is, however, not recommended for patients having compromised liver function as well as pregnant ladies.

Body sculpting feels so good because:

  1. Weight loss remains so easy and quick
  2. The procedure is all safe having very little risk for infection or complications
  3. It is all affordable 
  4. Procedure results are all natural-looking 
  5. Has the lasting effects

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