Top Non Invasive Way to Shape your Body

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting/contouring is boosting in popularity as it is a non invasive, non surgical way to shape your body into your ideal image. This can be done anywhere you want to get rid of stubborn fat or loose skin, primarily in the abs, butt, thighs, love handles, and chin areas. The use of different tools based on which body sculpting process you choose allows room for muscle building and significant fat loss. Clinically proven, body sculpting can reduce up to 25% of fat per treatment. If you have reached your weight loss goal, there are still tons of benefits for tightening sagged, aged skin, as well as helping decrease the visibility of stretch marks and cellulite. The best part is that the process tends to be quick and painless! 

A common question with body sculpting is what are the restrictions? The answer is simple – there are none! It is suggested after a treatment to wear a waist trainer or constricting band as this will help form the shape you want as your body excretes the fatty toxins. Results show significantly 1-6 months post treatment, and the results are lasting. Results become permanent with diet and exercise, as with any weight loss technique, you have to still take care of your health with healthier lifestyle choices to maintain the body you want.

Water!! – Drink water daily, but increase your amount of daily water intake in the days following your body sculpting treatments. 

What different Treatments are used in Body sculpting?

Top methods of non invasive body sculpting/contouring include ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency, fat freezing and heating, cryolipolysis or electromagnetic energy. These methods help break down and loosen up fat stores, tighten the skin, and kickstart the process of discarding the fat – (no worries, it is more likely to pee it out rather than pooping, so you can go before work or other scheduled plans and not worry about running to the toilet all day). 

Non Invasive Laser Treatment

This is the treatment that primarily uses heat, where your target areas are heated until fat cells begin to break down. Once this is done, the process of cooling begins to ensure the skin remains unharmed. This is a painless, warm sensation that takes about 25 minutes per area with noticeable, long-lasting results within 6-12 weeks.


This is great for bodies above the average BMI. Fat cells are destroyed through intense freezing of the target areas. Once the fat cells are crystalized and destroyed the excretion process will begin. This is most popular with the stomach, arms, butt and hip dip areas. 

Red Light Therapy

This process uses a specialized lamp to send light wavelengths throughout the skin into the fatty tissue. The light triggers the fat calls to create small openings where they release contents as waste. This is a quick 30 min process usually to the hips, abs, and thighs that usually yields best results within 3+ treatments. 

BBL Ultherapy

This is becoming a favorite as BBL has become a huge trend, but this one is non surgical. Unlike a BBL performed with surgery, you don’t have to wait a month to sit! This helps with weight loss around the buttocks area as well as a natural butt lift. For BBL treatment, it is most common to combine collagen stimulating ultherapy, EMSculpting, and coolsculpting. With this process the gluteal muscles are toned to look more defined and rounded as well as tightening and strengthening the skin. 

Non Invasive Thermage

This is a skin tightening treatment that counteracts the loss of collagens and elastin proteins. This is often used to attack loose skin and cellulite in the neck, under eyes, stomach, face, arms or legs. This will regenerate collagen and shows up 2-6 months post treatment when collagen is restored. 


This one may sound the scariest, but it’s also another quick and painless treatment! This is a process of high intensity electromagnetism for 30 minutes to contract the muscles around 1000 times. This is equivalent to doing 20,000 manual crunches or squats. 

The great thing about these being non surgical and quick, is that you can use more than one technique in one treatment. Treatments such as our non invasive Baddie Body use up to 7 different techniques in as little as 2 hours, leaving you feeling renewed with plenty of time to jump back into your routine. 

Are these Body Sculpting Methods Safe?

The short answer – Yes! Body sculpting is safe. There are little to no side effects to any of the treatments aside from the occasional small bruising. Bruising occurs most commonly with suction devices which are again – painless! There are no surgeries, no medications, no anesthesia, and no downtime for recovery needed. These are discreet non invasive treatments with no scars left behind and no restrictions from your regular daily activities. The only requirement is to drink plenty of water!

Non Invasive Body Sculpting in Palm Beach County

Our Aesthetician/Herbalist at Dream Aesthetic Rejuvenation has teamed up with a nutritionist to help structure a healthy lifestyle after treatments for more long lasting and more permanent results to reduce the amount of treatments before reaching your ideal body image goals without cosmetic or surgical procedures and/or liposuction. 

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