What is Abdominal Sculpting?

Abdominal Sculpting or Abdominal Etching, also call it “liposculpture,” is a surgical procedure where unwanted fat is removed around the midsection. In this procedure, fat is liposuctioned from the patient’s body to give better muscle tone in the abdomen. Thus, the procedure is quite popular for sculpting and enhancing the look of a patient’s waistline, usually creating six-pack abs.

Abdominal Sculpting, doesn’t remove fat from the midsection targeting simply a slimmer appearance. Sculpting treatments remove fat deposits in quite an advanced as well as strategic way. This sort of liposuction shapes and molds the abdominal wall enabling the body’s ab muscles to give a prominent look.

Safety, Convenience, and Cost

Three main factors make Abdominal Sculpting popular among people who are looks-conscious because of the safety, convenience, and lower cost. Abdominal Sculpting is considered low risk, however, patients sometimes face side effects, like excessive swelling, uneven contouring, and small infections.

Abdominal Sculpting is convenient because, it is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. However, it needs some downtime for recovery. It is an outpatient procedure but, the insurance industry will not cover all of the costs since it is a cosmetic procedure. Generally, reports suggest it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

What to Expect at an Abdominal Sculpting Appointment

The whole procedure takes around an hour usually.

The first thing is agreeing between the doctor and the “patient”. The Doctor will start by marking the areas that the patient wants to be enhanced through the abdominal sculpting. This is like drawing on your own abs with a sharpie. Once this is done, the patient will lie down and the doctor will prepare for the procedure.

A sort of foam dressing will be applied along the drawing on the body followed by a local anesthetic and in some cases a general anesthetic, determined by the doctor.

The doctor will start making incisions and the belly will feel numb, for accessing and removing the fatty deposits. This process needs a scalpel as well as a cannula pump to drain fat deposits or fluid. These ports will be kept open until the end of the procedure for draining the fat, some fluids will contain a bit of mixed blood from the body.

The next step is to close those incisions followed by covering the stitches with a dressing. To help heal the patient’s body a compression garment will be applied to the midsection. Remember the foam dressing applied before the procedure surgery will stay on under the newly worn compression garment.

Depending on the patient’s body response, they should not feel much of the fat removal until the anaesthesia wears off. The patient needs to keep the compression garment for quite some time till the doctor gives go-ahead for removing it.

Side Effects and Risks of Abdominal Sculpting

In general, Abdominal Sculpting is considered a sort of cosmetic procedure but it may bring side effects and risk of complications.

Some of the side effects related to this include:

  • Damage to nerves as well as blood vessels
  • Discolouration of skin 
  • Irregular healing or bumpy skin 
  • A little bit of swelling in some cases
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Headaches or anesthesia bruising 

In bad cases, there may be discharge or pus coming from the procedure site. Calling a doctor immediately after noticing any issues like these stated above is necessary and recommended.

To prevent infection, follow the doctors post-sculpting care rules. Follow up with your doctor when recommended and if there is anything that seems off don’t hesitate to call.

Traditional Liposuction Vs Abdominal Sculpting 

Traditional liposuction is not as precise and exact as abdominal sculpting. However, in rare cases where abdominal sculpting does not heal correctly, or in case the body simply heals as per or against the doctor’s anticipation, there might be a need for some corrective surgery. The situation is not that bad because if we consider the last 512 cases of men for abdominal sculpting/etching, only 3 patients needed corrective surgeries.

Abdominal sculpting is quite similar to traditional liposuction if we consider the requirements for the procedure and also preparation for surgery. The results for abdominal sculpting are much more prominent and dramatic compared to traditional liposuction. Abdominal sculpting is a form of advanced 3-D liposuction, meaning thereby the results are extremely specific targeting certain areas of the human body.

Skip Invasive Abdominal Sculpting

If you are wanting the great results and toned abs without surgery, non invasive body sculpting is for you. At Dream Aesthetic Rejuvenation we provide painless solutions to your fat loss and body sculpting needs. Our abdominal sculpting is done using a variety of techniques and a machine that tones the body providing almost instant results. Body sculpting is non-invasive, requires no recovery time, and patients are able to immediately return to normal activities after the treatment. Book your next appointment with Dream Aesthetic Rejuvenation today and find out how we can get you that dream 6-pack abs.

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